Uršula Teržan

dancer, choreographer, pedagogue

Uršula Teržan (photo: Miha Fras)

Uršula Teržan (1970, Ljubljana) is a dancer, choreographer and professor of the art of movement at the Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television, University of Ljubljana. She started her formal dance education at the Music and Ballet Conservatory in Ljubljana (1987) and concluded her studies with the M.A. in performance at the London Contemporary Dance School (1997). She also participated in various dance and theatre seminars under the guidance of internationally recognised dancers and choreographers, at home and abroad, to widen her knowledge and skills.
Since 1987 she has participated in numerous dance and theatre performances in Slovenian institutional and non-institutional theatres, in many fashion shows and other performance events, and has performed at home and abroad. In 1991, she joined the Ljubljana Dance Theatre as a dancer, choreographer and pedagogue. Since 2000 she has been creating independent theatre and dance performances within the Celinka Association of Contemporary Dancers, where she is a choreographer, dancer and president of the association.
Since 1992 she has been lecturing the art of movement (first and second degree studies) at UL AGRFT (Academy for Theatre, Radio, Film and Television) in Ljubljana. Between 2019 and 2021 she taught at the Academy JAMU in Brno, Czech Republic, and between 2009 and 2019 at the Academy of Music in Ljubljana. She also taught contemporary dance and classical ballet in other contexts, for example at the Pre-School Education and Art Grammar School and the Music and Ballet Conservatory in Ljubljana.
In 2003 she wrote a book Contemporary Dance in Slovenia (Sodobni ples v Sloveniji), published by the Ljubljana City Theatre (MGL) in its MGL Library Book Collection.
In 2006 the University of Ljubljana bestowed her the award for important achievement in art, the highest artistic title of the University of Ljubljana.

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