Anita Wach

dancer, choreographer, performer, pedagogue

Anita Wach (photo: Marcandrea)

Anita Wach (1974, Kielce, Poland) started dancing professionally at the Dance Theatre Kielce. In 1996 she completed the qualification course for contemporary dance instructors at the Centre for Cultural Promotion in Warsaw and became a member of the first contemporary dance collective in Poland, Silesian Dance Theatre, with which she performed at numerous venues across Europe and the USA between 1996 and 2003: in New York (Hunter College, The Theatre Kitchen), Philadelphia (Swarthmore College), Great Britain, France (Avignon), Russia, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Germany. In 2001 she received a professional dancer certificate from the Polish Actors Association. In 2004 she started working with Bretoncaffe Theatre in Warsaw, soon also as a choreographer.

Her first solo project Inch 1,5 (2006) received wide critical acclaim and was included in the 2008 Polish Dance Platform. Besides developing solo and collaborative projects, she also worked with some of the leading Polish choreographers, such as Ramona Nagabczynska, Tomasz Bazan, Tomasz Wygoda, and theatre directors, such as Natalia Korczakowska, Agnieszka Lipiec Wroblewska, Wawrzyniec Kostrzewski in the productions of Teatr Dramatyczny in Teatr Polski (Warsaw).

As a dancer, choreographer and performer, Anita has been part of numerous international projects: the interdisciplinary project KonglomeArt (Bytom – Berlin 2003; collaboration with composer Dominik Strycharski, actor Sambor Dudzinski and visual artist Leszek Blyszczynski), Polish-German project Skarbek (choreography  Tomasz Wygoda; German premiere at the Volksbuhne Theatre, 2005); Polish-Israeli projects Blind Date and Dance & Video (Tel Aviv, 2008), international project Casablanca Therapy (directed by Bojan Jablanovec; DNA – Development of New Art, Prague, 2010).

She has been regularly developing works in collaboration with the Polish actor and performer Magdalena Tuka, is the co-founder of the non-governmental organisation JaJaJaNeNeNe (later renamed to Tuka Wach) and the initiator of the ephemeral art group Kwartet Patetyczny / Pathetic Quartet (Anita Wach, Magdalena Stawman-Tuka, Ana Steller and Magdalena Jedro).

She has been working closely with the Ljubljana-based international platform of contemporary performing arts Via Negativa as dancer, performer and choreographer. Her solo performance Oops (2012) and the collective creation The Ninth (2016), both produced by Via Negativa, were selected for the Polish Dance Platform in 2012 and 2017 respectively. Anita has co-created over 10 projects with Via Negativa, which were met with critical acclaim at numerous international and Slovenian festivals. She has been living in Ljubljana since 2019.

Websites: Tuka Wach / Via Negativa / taniec POLSKA