Estela Žutić

dancer, choreographer, performer, pedagogue

Estela Žutić (personal archive)

Estela Žutić (1974, Celje) started dancing at the age of eleven at the Celje Dance Forum and later performed in the centre’s ensemble. While attending Celje Grammar School, she was taking contemporary dance classes and workshops at home and abroad. In 1993 she passed the audition at the Amsterdam School of the Arts (theatre dance department) and obtained a first-level certificate. In 1995 she started studying at the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, where she graduated in 1997. Between 1997 and 2007 Estela performed with and choreographed for Susan Quinn Dance Company, Lawine Torrèn (Hubert Lepka), Toihaus Theater Salzburg, Laroque Company (Helene Weinzierl), Cataracts (Beda Percht), Toihaus Theater Salzburg, Mia Lawrence and others. She has been developing multimedia performances that borrow from activism and children’s performances with her partner Gilles Duvivier. Her performance Svitanje (Dawn) premiered at the Celje Dance Forum in 2015. She has created a dance-literary performance with poet Veronika Gradišek and a duet Once for the Three of Us with dancer Boštjan Antončič. She has taught and choreographed at the Dance Forum Celje.
In recent years, Estela Žutić has been has been dealing with the placement of contemporary dance in public space and in everyday life. Thematically, she is fascinated by the physical and energetic encounter of human with other elements of nature and the transformation of darkness into light. In this sense, her recent performative researches Features, This is not a performance, Stranger on Earth were created, most of which fell in the period of the Corona measures. Wanting the work to be documented in some way, she teamed up with Keiko Myazaki (video) and Gilles Duvivier (sound), with whom she performed Shelter Trio (2022) in Ljubljana and Celje. Since 2022 he has been exploring the dialogue between noise and movement in the performance Sound, movement, flow – enthropomorphic dialogue with the intermedia artist Simon Macuh, which was presented at MFRU in Maribor and at the exhibition (Im)Balance in Celje.
Estela Žutić regularly participates in the festival of urban art actions, performances, interventions and installations – Admission Free, organized by the Association of Fine Artists of Celje and with the Center for Contemporary Arts Celje.
She is a certified yoga teacher (taught at her studio in Brussels and at SEAD) and has obtained a certificate in Chinese medicine and acupuncture from the World Acupuncture Organisation.