Tina Janežič

performance artist, dancer, circus artist, clown (…)

Tina Janežič

Tina Janežič (1974, Ljubljana) developed her interest in theatrical performance as an art form at an early age. She first trained and competed in gymnastics and later, unhappy with her pharmacy studies (which she graduated from in 2008), started taking professional dance classes at the Dance Theatre Ljubljana. Having successfully passed auditions first at the Dance Theatre and later at Fourklour Company, led by choreographer Branko Potočan, Tina performed in many contemporary dance performances produced by Dance Theatre Ljubljana and Fourklor in the following years. In 2004, she moved to Brussels, where she studied with Frey Faust, but also started focusing more on circus art and rope acrobatics, which led her to enrol in the international School of Theatre Lassaad (Lecoq pedagogy). Studying at the school opened the way for her future artistic practice in the area of contemporary performance and clown art.

Besides creating her own performances, Tina has worked, as performer, clown, dancer and in other roles, with Mladinsko Theatre, Slovene National Theatre Drama Ljubljana, Varietejček Project, En-Knap, Betontanc, Bufeto  Institute, Ravil Sultanov etc. Besides regularly appearing in cabaret performances and artistic get-togethers, she has been working closely with the trash-burlesque group The Red Cabaret. Tina also runs the contemporary clown laboratory Za crknt (Drop Dead) project and the Story Slam / Tales of True Life.

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